Scott Baumann

“It's hard to find the words to accurately describe how amazing Scott is.  You are not going to find a more passionate, inspiring, or caring person if you try. I am always blown away by his wisdom and generosity.  This place that he has created isn't just a gym where you go to strengthen your body, but a place where you nurture and strengthen your soul.  I have never stuck to any fitness program in my life, until now that is. I can't get enough of this positive atmosphere and would highly recommend you sit down with this man if you have any doubt in your ability to improve yourself.   You will be sold. He is by far one of a kind and you will be so happy you did.”


“Coach Jon is the perfect combination of hardass and exercise physiology nerd. You will definitely get your ass kicked, but at the same time you will learn something and make a new best friend.  He doesn't allow corners to be cut and you will forever be grateful for his honesty. Jon truly has changed my life and I am beyond thankful for all he does each and every day.”


“I appreciate that Coach Lizz cares deeply about her client’s well-being, both emotionally and physically and is great at taking the temperature of a client and how they are feeling when they walk into the door. She is intuitive and responds accordingly. She epitomizes tough love. Gentle and kind but so intensely passionate and bad ass, that she constantly impresses me and inspires me."


“He is as intense as he looks but that’s a good thing because he’s on our side. We take comfort in knowing that he’s got our back. Julian is wise beyond his years and takes great pride in our accomplishments. He will do whatever it takes to help us succeed. His ‘no excuses’’ way of coaching is exactly what I need. I need someone who will push me and call me on sh*tty reps or tell me to bump up weights even when I don’t want to! It's also about more than just the ‘in the gym’ training, it's the lessons and confidence you leave with after every session... always with something to work on.”


"I am forever grateful for Meg, she has not only been my trainer but someone I consider a friend. I love her laid back, patient coaching style that allowed me to progress at my own pace. If I was ready to step it up, Meg had a workout for me. If I was extra sore or exhausted from night shift, Meg had a workout for me. I can not recommend her enough and she truly changed my life!" 


I just want to say how much I appreciate Coach Kylie!! I’ve had the BEST time training with her. In such a short time I’ve learned quite a bit from her feedback and I’m already seeing changes in muscle mass and body composition. Thank you, Kylie for not laughing when I go from “oh gosh”... to “f*ck this” when doing my sets!"


“Coach Zach is passionate about helping you reach your goals and constantly pushing you to become better than you were last week.He knows your limits better than you know your own. Whenever I get to the gym and I’m not “feeling it”, Zach always helps me bring out my A game so I’m able to crush my workouts. Zach has been amazing to work with and very patient with me wanting my technique to be just right.”


“Coach Lauren is sweet and silly, but don't let that fool you into thinking you can get away with taking it easy on her watch.  She is patient and caring, but you can literally see a spark in her eyes when she knows she is about to bust your ass. And she will.  And you will love every minute of it. She encourages me to push myself and when I am there I forget all my insecurities about myself. I am so grateful to have such a kind, thoughtful, and strong woman support me on my journey. “


“Coach Marissa is the perfect mix of intimidating and compassionate. Her shouts of encouragement, amazing physique and steel gaze makes you want to push harder than you've ever pushed yourself before, but then between sets of deadlifts you will find she is the nicest person you've ever met. Her love for lifting, nature and animals has inspired me to be a better person. ”


“Coach Andrew overcomes the words ‘I can't’ with the words ‘I know you can’. Age is nothing more than a number in his world. Fierce, compassionate and professional, it is very clear to me that this guy loves his job and gives it 110%. He sees my potential and gets just as excited as I do when I hit a new personal record. Andrew leads by example and is an inspiration to us all.”

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We don’t love to talk about ourselves, so we figured we’d let our clients do the talking. Here’s what our clients have to say about our team members.

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