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"Trevor is one of the most disciplined people I know. I have been trying to keep working when I get tired and want to quit. I take the stairs one foot per step rather than two feet per step. Trevor always greets me with  smile and seems to be happy to see me. He pays close attention to me while exercising. If I have some muscular anomaly, Trevor is able to seamlessly adjust our routine."

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"What I have learned from Coach Meg, and likely the mindset or Iron Legion, is weightlifting is not one size fits all. I spent a good portion of my life strength training with a very traditional, structured set of exercises - machines and free weights. Now I know getting strong does not necessarily mean I HAVE TO do 35 lbs bicep curls to get my muscles firing to be strong and healthy."

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"Jon does a fantastic job as a coach. His positive demeanor and friendly banter are a nice change of pace from every other gym I have ever been in. Not everyone wants to be super social but Jon has a solid way of including people and pulling people out of their shells."

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"AJ is the true 360 trainer. She is so experienced and adapts to clients' needs while still pushing towards goals. She tolerated my stubborn attitude, still encouraging forward motion. Many hard days we had to work through with my limiting neck pain. She was patient through the journey. Giving space as I work through it, but also right there if support was needed. She has great language to explain workout goals and what muscles should be engaged. Always a text away or texting to check in after harder days. A truly great person who wants you to achieve goals you are reaching for. Also a great nutrition resource."

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"Lizz is extremely knowledgeable. What she taught me in the gym has been amazing. She is aware, empathetic, flexible, and creative. The ideas she has come up with since my surgery and before, to keep me in the gym and strong, have been a Godsend. She has done everything possible to keep me in the gym and keep my mind positive throughout this past 'adventure'. I couldn't ask for a better trainer, a better mentor, or a better friend. Lizz is an extraordinary human being."

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"Iron Legion has changed my life. I walked in with zero confidence and no strength training experience. I found a love for lifting and gained so much  confidence. I've lost 75 lbs and gained friendships and a passion that will last a lifetime. I've been to other gyms and no other compares. The community and feeling of welcomeness is just outstanding. I encourage everyone I meet interested in starting at a gym to check out Iron Legion because it's literally my favorite place to be. I cannot say enough good things about the gym, coaches, and just overall experience that Iron Legion provides its clients." 

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"Lizz is amazing. I appreciate her coaching so much, I honestly don't know how I would function if I hadn't found lifting."

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"I came to Iron Legion with some reservation and fear, and quickly realized that I would be amazingly supported by Coach Kaleigh, and that there is no such thing as failure within these doors."

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"I didn't realize I was in it for the long haul until I started feeling better physically and mentally. A short term goal became a lifestyle change."

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"Andy listens and hears what I tell him, whether its good or bad, and he adjusts accordingly. He has a great personality, which is key to being a personal trainer. I definitely see him shining in the weight lifting industry. Iron Legion is an open and non-judgment gym for everyone, no matter your age or size. Keep on doing it!"

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"Working out at Iron Legion with Lizz has been the single best fitness experience I've had! At 51, building muscle and being strong was my top priority. I was worried about back issues I've had in the past, but Lizz educated me on form. She always pays attention to my form and corrects me when needed and gives praise when deserved. I never thought I would be able to lift so much weight! With Lizz's teaching, I am amazed by my ability. She is my peaceful warrior, pushing and challenging me, but also knows when to hold back. She inspired me with her own dedication to fitness, her kindness, and listening skills. I was very lucky to find such an amazing gym and trainer!"

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"I've never considered utilizing a professional fitness trainer before because I stubbornly thought I knew what I was doing in the gym. Boy was I wrong. Within the first few training sessions, I learned I was performing the bench press with the wrong form. I had never deadlifted before, and most importantly I learned it's not about the amount of weight but about the form. I learned after my personalized training sessions, I was equally as sore using less weight with proper form opposed to working out on my own with heavy weights and I felt as if more of my muscles were affected. I am very satisfied with the personal training sessions at Iron Legion, with special thanks to Coach Andy.

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