"My journey began with Scott who had a vision to create a gym that was bigger than just lifting weights. He wanted a community, a family. That is exactly what happened. This place will not only get you to build strength and get to your physical health goals, it will change your mindset to make you mentally stronger."


"This has been my first and only experience working with a personal coach and I cannot say enough how much I love it!! All of the coaches here are so nice and friendly and make the environment fun and welcoming. I never once felt intimidated coming here as they work very hard to keep the gym a warm welcoming place."


"Working with the trainers at Iron Legion has been life changing for me. They have helped me to become physically and mentally stronger. They know when to push me harder and encourage me with every step of the way. They take time to really individualize each clients plan to their needs."


"The best place to find out more about yourself in an atmosphere with no pretense, judgement or hierarchy. First ‘gym’ where I felt what was painted on the wall was actually really what was practiced by all. Lift Heavy, Be Kind."


"I never thought I would have the courage to walk into a gym-I didn’t want to face the judgment or look like a beginner. But I am so glad I decided to take the first steps and walk through these doors."


"This isn’t an average, ordinary gym. This is a community of people living the philosophy of lifting heavy and being kind. Building physical strength but more importantly, inner strength. Caring, supportive coaches and helping, responsive staff. Killer music always cranked."