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A life of strength, confidence and empowerment awaits you...

with your own personal strength coach.

Over 120 five-star Google reviews!!

Let's connect and see how one of our personal trainers can help you! 

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Find your strong and
never feel weak or intimidated again.

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Find your confidence again and be proud to look in the mirror.

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Be empowered to live a life of strength and vibrance.

What Our Clients Say

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Kelly K.

"As a plus sized female who knows nothing about lifting let alone what to do in a gym, I have never been in a more encouraging, body positive, welcoming and motivating place. I feel supported and understood. This is a one in a million place and I’m grateful I found it."

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Nick E.

"Working out at Iron Legion isn’t anything remotely close to the stereotypical gym experience one might expect.  It's small and private and I see people from all walks of life who are in there each and every day. As someone who struggles with depression at times, having a coach who understands me and can support me through those days is everything."

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Melinda W.

"Iron Legion has changed my life. I walked in with zero confidence and no strength training experience. I found a love for lifting and gained so much  confidence. I've lost 75 lbs and gained friendships and a passion that will last a lifetime. I've been to other gyms and no other compares. The community and feeling of welcomeness is just outstanding."

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