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Barbell Club is our “clients only” open gym membership where our training clients can access the gym on their own to get additional workouts in.

Please click here to learn more about Barbell Club.


*Barbell Club is currently available at the Westbrook location only.

Eating right and working out go hand in hand. That’s why, in addition to our regular coaching, we offer nutrition coaching. However, our nutrition coaching does not just focus on food and drink.


In each of our nutrition coaching membership options, we coach the whole person by bringing in discussions about stress, sleep, and general health habits. We step away from meal plans to instead discuss forming good habits around learning how to eat to achieve your goals. Please click here to learn more about our nutrition coaching.

As a side dish to our personal strength training sessions, we offer small group conditioning sessions called TRAIN. TRAIN sessions are designed to provide the ultimate in cardiovascular conditioning in a way that can be adjusted for every fitness level, fun and very complimentary to our strength programs. 


For more information check us out on the MindBody app or click here for more info.

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