While most people come to Iron Legion Strength Co. for our in person, 1 on 1 coaching, we know there is still a large demographic who does not have the time or budget, or feel safe enough, coming to train in person.


To help fill that void, we offer online coaching.


There are many options to choose from depending on your goals, your skill level, and your access to equipment. A few options will be outlined below, but all clients will have an opportunity to talk with Jon, our manager and head of online training, before they begin to find the right solution for their situation! We currently offer five online training options through the Train Heroic app. These vary in intensity, frequency, goals, and pricing. 

This routine offers a daily mobility workout that focuses on specific areas of your body. You can use it as a warm-up to a workout, or as a stand alone "rest day" stretching routine.

7x/Week - $10/mo

This is the classic, no frills, jailhouse style bodyweight workout. The workouts are either HIIT style using a timer, or super focused on 1-2 body parts using rep schemes. They require 0 equipment, but lots of dedication and some creativity.


7x/Week - $30/mo

For those with some dumbbells and bands at home, or access to a gym like Planet Fitness, this is your workout! We have built this one to focus on using mostly DBs, bodyweight, and some cable/ band exercises. Can easily be done in your basement, garage, or at a commercial gym!

3x/Week - $30/mo

For anyone with access to a legit barbell, you can get some weights moving again. The workouts are similar to what we have run in group training in the past, and focus on the squat/ bench/ deadlift. Other accessory movements are added in.

3-4x/Week - $30/mo

Last but not least, we offer custom home workout programs. These will be tailored to your goals, availability to equipment, and availability to lift during the week! You’ll also have weekly check-ins with your coach to ensure you get what you pay for, day in and day out.







If you have questions or would like to get started, please email
Jon at or call/text at 207-518-0625